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Photography since February 8th, 2013.
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Tue alles ohne Umwege, so schaffst Du mehr.
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watching fireworks with family the picture is so damn good, don’t you think?

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that is really cute and made my day. thank you so much  ♥

Girl, girl, girl, girl. I think... I think your pictures are shit and-- Okey, no. I'm just kidding. Haha. Uh... My jokes are horrible, I know it, ok? Ok. I really like your photos... Yeah, I do. They're so awesome and so beautiful and so pretty and and and... Uhm, okey. I'm gonna stop. I think you catch the idea, no? I'm... I'm gonna guess you understand it. So... Continue with the pictures. They're cool.


Oh my gosh this is kinda the cutest and fucking best feedback I have ever get! And to be honest your humor is really great, i like. You need to talk more to me and I’m sayin that seriously.

you’re cool as hell

You are hermosa in spanish :)


that sounds really cute. I didn’t known that I have a spanish name :)

schöner blog!:)



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Du machst echt schöne Bilder.:-) Mit welcher Kamera machst du diese?


Die meisten entstanden mit meiner Handykamera. Habe ein LG G2 :) 

Deine Foto ist meine Background von meine Handy und meine Deutsch ist nicht sehr gut, aber ich denke dass du mich verstehen könnte 😇


Oh das ist aber wirklich süß ♥

Keine Sorge ich verstehe dich. Ich bin mir definitiv sicher, dass sich mein englisch genauso ist. :)

all self taken? they are great :)


Yes absolutely all are self taken! 
Thank you :) 

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